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Hey yall im john, i have a 03 titan se off road 2wd. i have many plans for my truck. im currently in the army and dont make enough to make this happen but im going to work off shore soon to make enough to make this monster of a beast come true. The ideas i have for my truck are vast crazy and very very expensive. i do not have prices yet but i will very soon to everything i have put into my truck. if you want to hear more about my ideas comment and ask. my titan will be one of a kind. no one will have the same titan as me. similarities maybe but not everything will be the exact same.The first project i have will be to lift my titan on a 6 in lift nothing to big. the next thing is the paint. im talking real woods lifelike camo. i want some mud grips sitting on a nice set of all black rims. (still deciding on what rims). dual straight glass packs that lead out the back side of my tires with brackets holding them in place so they dont sagg when i go muddin. next brand new front and rear suspension with 4x4 installed. also i plan on putting green neon on the exterior bottom of the truck with a control switch in the dash. the neon will be in plexi tubes. now the fun part. the bed. i plan on making a new bed for my truck giving my truck a 3 in body lift squaring out the bed so its one big flat square. in the bed around the bottom will be a square 1 inch flat piece of steal bolted to the frame. attached to the steal bracket will be seat belts. i will also take a diamond plated toolbox blacked out and cut holes for my 18 in subs in plexiglass to fit in the holes. green led hooked up to a 5000 watt amp. also i need a place for my guests to sit and i don't want just subs bc thats stupid ill get 8 tweeters put in plexiglass mounted diagonally towards the sky with holes in the plexi the plexi will be thick enough it can hold a 200 lbs person.there will also be 6 batteries hooked up to 2 alts mounted inside the diamond plated tool box. the batteries will be in the plexi hidden behind the 13 inch far in the project we are thinking about doing a lift, black rims, new suspension. 4x4, mudgrips, and the subs and speakers with led's i'm not even close to being done btw. i want a bed cover made out of plexiglass on hydraulics that i can put down when i am not mudding. im talking about a quad fold that slides out not folds out but slides out over the bed and is water tight. then on the interior i plan on hydrographics. i mean using that on everything on the inside thats not already decked out in camo. there will be nothing chrome on my truck. also mounted on the back of the bed will be a light bar with KC lights attached that have green covers to make the led lights shine green i wil have a toggle switch that allows them to bumb green when the bass hits. also in the speakers in the bed will also be green neon ran threw each box that bumps when my bass hits. i want a nice reinforced blacked out brush guard that covers the entire front end of the truck. my fog lights will be replaces with green leds that bump as well as the ks lights. the brush guard will also have kc lights that do the same. i wanna put a brand new touch screen radio installed in the dash with a completely new dash with hydrographics to match the paint job. think im done. im not, i wanna green led throughout the entire cab of the truck. i plan on taking the back seats out to add in subs in the back seat as well in plexi with green led. the bed lights and amp and everything will not be set up to run off the truck. it will have its own power supply and toggle switch to turn it on and off. ok im done. let me know what you think. i know its going to be pricy but its a project truck.  

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