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Replacement seats for long drives

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Posted: 07/04/13 06:49 PM

Hey to this set of boards...hope I am in the right spot.

My 2004 Ford F350 PSD has head some mods to the engine and drive train to make it reasonable to pull my 16k lb 5th wheel. Now we are trying to get the interior set up for longer rides. Everything is still stock and with 115k miles on it, I thought I would start with seats. Can anyone recommend good seats for long drives? They need to be supportive, with options like heating, etc. I have found a few online but wanted some input from you guys before dropping 2-3k on seats.

If anyone has a good recommendation for a custom interior shop in the DFW area, I would love to hear it too.

Thanks so much!


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Posted: 07/09/13 10:56 AM

there are a LOT of upholstery shops around that can create decent seat upholstery...

you will want to also check around online.. there are several manufacturers who make replacement cover assemblies for some model cars and trucks... i am not talking about a slip cover... i am talking complete upholstery kits including the foam that goes in over a bare seat frame..

you will also want to note.. that when taking long drives..  if you feel your legs tingling or legs falling asleep..

you are at a HUGE CHANCE of causing a blood clot and having it KILL YOU..  when your legs go to sleep.. you may not even notice much.. but the blood slows down and can CLOT.. when you stand up.. the clot can move.. if you don't stand up the clot gets hard and blocks the vessels..

i have wanted tubular sections in the car seat.. and a pump device to allow one of the 3 or 4  sections to deflate..  then that section pumps up and the next section deflates..  then the next and the next.. this keeps the blood flowing in the tissues you are sitting on..   can it be accomplished easily?  i have some ideas..

new seat upholstery is probably still available from ford...

go to motorcraft dot com.. it will take you to the ford parts site..   you can look up by either vin or model the seating for your truck...  and see what covers and components are still available.  

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Posted: 07/24/13 10:08 PM

The first aftermarket seat manufacturer that comes to mind is Recarro. They're the gold standard. Very nice but also very pricey.  Corbeau is another good brand and less expensive. If you're a catalog shopper, many of the aftermarket suppliers have " house brands" that aren't bad and far less expensive.  

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