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Chassis swap 1972 onto 2002

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Posted: 10/31/11 01:04 AM

Hi all I’m from Washington St. (Eastern WA the dry side lol) I have a 1972 Ford F-250 that I bought around 3 years ago for $800.00 I drove it almost everyday for 2 years before the ol 360 gave out. I found a guy who had a 1977 Lincoln Mark V 460 C6 trany with bad brakes and a rusted out roof but very low miles for only $300.00 It runs and drives great just doesn’t stop. Plan to put the 460 into the truck soon!

Here are a few pic's of what it looked like when I got it

IMG 0435Medium

IMG 0438Medium

IMG 0441Medium

And here are a few pic's of it cleaned up a bit.....




The 77 Lincoln and 460

IMG 0441

IMG 0442

IMG 0443

My $500.00 parts truck I picked up a little while back, 2002 company truck with bad engine.

IMG 0547

IMG 0511

Ok so decided to go all in and do a chassis swap, once I got the body out of the way.

IMG 0660

IMG 0662

IMG 0664

IMG 0665

IMG 0667

So with that done I spent a few days mocking up engine mounts for my 460 so it could mount onto the 2002 frame.

IMG 0877

IMG 0879  

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Posted: 10/31/11 01:19 AM

The 02’s frame has two trany mounting positions and the back one was a perfect fit

IMG 0891

IMG 0889

With that done I moved my truck into the shop and took it apart.

IMG 0835

IMG 0832

IMG 0859

IMG 0860

IMG 0867

Always wanted a low rider.... Grin

IMG 0870

Pushed out the old frame and moved the 02 in. Did a test fit with just the bed first, pulled it back off and then put the cab up on it.

IMG 0895

IMG 0904

I couldn’t believe it but the front cab mounts were an exactly perfect fit. As you can see in the pic’s the bolts dropped right in and are straight.

IMG 0900

IMG 0901

IMG 0923

Some more pic's of the cab and bed up on the frame

IMG 0912

IMG 0914

IMG 0908

IMG 0926

The bed is about 3" to high so I will need to fugure out how to make it line up but It looks like I should have room to lower it by notching the bed rails.
Now the 02 was an extended cab and I have always wanted a short bed in this year (67-72)so I will have to cut down the frame and then the bed but I planed on doing that to the old frame before I got the 02 so no big deal. 23-1/2” will need to be cut out and that will bring the rear cab mounts up to the correct position. The 02 has disc brakes all the way around and a very nice ride so this should be a great upgrade for my old 72.  

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Posted: 10/31/11 01:23 AM

I've been working away at test fitting things back onto the truck and happy to say the radiator core support and inner fenders went on without to much of a fight. I will need to drill holes for the rubber isolators that the core support sits on, but shouldn't be to hard. The fender & wheel look right as for how they sit. Also there is plenty of frame sticking out up front to work with for the bumper and ect.

IMG 0956

IMG 0957

IMG 0958

IMG 0961

I'm going to test fit a few more parts and line up the bed real good then go under it at mark all the bed rails so when I take it all back apart I can C notch all of them. Also I will have to dive right in and grind out the frame welds here in this pic.

IMG 0891  

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Posted: 10/31/11 01:27 AM

After it is separated at that point I will need to cut off 23-1/2" slide it back together and reweld it. I am at the point that I really can't do to much more without cutting the frame so might as well get it out of the way........ right?  

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Posted: 10/31/11 01:47 AM

I pulled the bed, cab, & engine back off the frame so I could cut it down to a short bed length. The bed on the 02 is a short bed but the cab was an extended so that’s where the cut will be made. I tack welded some legs to it so when its apart it will be easier to work on and also slide back together.

IMG 0971

IMG 0973

The factory welds were the perfect place to cut so I cleaned them up so they would be easy to follow.

IMG 0974

I then made the cuts to each side and then slid the apart. After that I chopped off the extra 23-1/2” and ground off all the excess metal.

IMG 0979

IMG 0980

IMG 0981

IMG 0982

IMG 0984

got out my ratchet straps and pulled it back into place nice and tight. Clamped everything and then took more measurements to make sure it was right.

IMG 0986

IMG 0991

IMG 0992

IMG 0994

IMG 0995

IMG 0996

IMG 0999

Then welded it up cut off the legs and got ready to drill out the new bolt holes for the trany mount.

IMG 1001

IMG 1002

IMG 1003

The placement of the trany mount is perfect for reinforcing the welds because it overlaps and bolts through both sides of the welds
IMG 1008

IMG 1006

IMG 1007

IMG 1009

IMG 1011

One shortened frame, Done!

IMG 1013  

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Posted: 10/31/11 02:07 AM

I put the cab back up onto the frame and with the frame shortened I now was able to bolt it down.

IMG 1018

IMG 1028

I had to trim some more of the lower back part of the cab so the cab would sit down onto the body mounts.

IMG 1020

IMG 1021

IMG 1023

IMG 1014

IMG 1016

The floor pans seem to follow the frame like they were supposed to go together and the front cab mounts still shock me on how well they lined up.

I have the typical cross support rust so I will have to fix that along with the rusted floor pans.

IMG 1029

IMG 1037

IMG 1024

Next I was able to mark off the bed and cut it down. I cut it so there would be a little overlap up front to help support the cut bed floor. Cleaned up the over lap sprayed it with weldable primer and got everything close to lined up. A few more adjustments and a little trim here an there and I should be able to start tacking it back together.

IMG 1042

IMG 1044

IMG 1045

IMG 1048

IMG 1049

IMG 1050

IMG 1064

IMG 1063

IMG 1071

cleaned out the seam sealer along both sides and started to tack it togther also. I still need to cut out the 4" on the other end and then notch the bed rails so it will sit lower. oh and fill all the holes that are everywhere.

IMG 1065

IMG 1066

IMG 1076

finally have a short bed bump! I completed the cut down and tacking it back together. Now I just need to weld the inside part of the bed and then I can flip it over and finally notch the bed rails like I've been talking about.

Here's a before and after shot.

IMG 0908

IMG 1105

and then a few pic's in between

IMG 1092

IMG 1095

IMG 1091

I also welded up most of the holes and started on the passenger side welding up the bed seem.

IMG 1078  

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Posted: 10/31/11 02:25 AM

I started the mock up of the c notch in the bed rails, marked all the frame cross members on the channel and cut them out. You can see I have a lot to work around with this X shaped cross member.

IMG 1126

Then flipped the bed and lined up the marks I had made when it was on the frame. Checked everything and then started cutting.

IMG 1113

IMG 1114

IMG 1117

IMG 1120

IMG 1118

IMG 1122

IMG 1123

IMG 1124

This looks like it will give me a 2-1/4" drop for the bed, but we will have to see once it's all tacked it.

IMG 1134

IMG 1189

Time for a test fit...

IMG 1188

IMG 1204

maybe a shim or 2 here or there to make it perfect but good enough for mock up. I put the front end back together to check the body lines, so far so good.

IMG 1221

IMG 1200

IMG 1213

Looks good enough for now. Time for the next phase front end/radiator core support mounts and bumper brackets.  

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Posted: 11/01/11 06:23 AM

this is a cool project man!! Keep it up and keep posting  
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Posted: 11/14/11 02:27 AM

Well I got a little more done today, I figured now was as good a time as any to fix the nice dent the truck had when I bought it.

IMG 1332

IMG 1333

Also going to use panels from a 67 to fix it so the bed will have a more smooth look to it. I picked these corner post up from a junk yard for $10 ea.

IMG 1335

IMG 1336

Cut out my patch panel and then cut out the damaged panel on the truck.

IMG 1338

IMG 1340

IMG 1341

IMG 1342

Clamped in the new patch and then started tacking it in.

IMG 1343

IMG 1344

IMG 1346

IMG 1347

So after a ton of spot welds it is done.

IMG 1351

IMG 1352

IMG 1355

IMG 1357

Now I get to start the drivers side

IMG 1334  

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