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rear door swing-out windows

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Posted: 12/10/09 03:44 PM

hi- Confused  

somewhere in the recent past i read a thread which listed a part number for ford for operable rear door windows; can't find it. LOL
i have an 05 e-250 ford van which body style started in 93. i want to be able to open rear door windows in cargo van while stationary. operable rear windows were stoped 95? i do not know if they are in 05 passenger vans?
i went to ford body shop today and they can not help. i do not want junk yard stuff i want a new install.

any info would be greatly appreciated .... blkjak  Confused  
05 e-250 extended cargo van ... will be converted to a "sleeper van" ... blkjak

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Posted: 12/10/09 05:00 PM

found it...92-96 ford part Grin

I also added the tilt-out rear windows to my van.
I finally got around to installing the opening rear windows. For the
longest time, I couldn't decide if I should or not. I'm still not
sure. You can only open the windows when there are no bugs around and
you need some more ventilation. I'm sure the slider side windows
allow more airflow than the open rears do anyway. But, I did it.
The hardest parts were:
- Getting the SMB door panels off
- Getting the solid windows out
- Cleaning up the old window sealant
All the holes are in the door. The door hasn't changed since 92. I
used a windshield removal tool to cut through the window adhesive and
then pushed the window out. Cleaned up most of the window sealant
with a scraper and my hands. Then used 3M adhesive remover to clean
up the rest. The new windows use 9 4mmx.7mm nuts and washers on each
window. Get them before starting the project. Any good auto body
paint shop can sell you the window sealant. Put on a bead of sealant
and place the window in position. Tighten all the nuts. Then you have
to reinstall the Ford plastic window surround and bolt the latch
through the plastic. Then simply reinstall the SMB door panels.
Took about 4 hours from start to finish.
The best part was the cost of the opening windows. From my local Ford
dealer, they were just over $100 each, complete with hinges and
latch. They are available in standard green tint, or darker grey tint.
Here's the part numbers if anyone is interested:
Standard green tint R F2UZ1542006GA
L F2UZ1542006HA
Privacy Grey tint R F2UZ1542006JA
L F2UZ1542006KA
04 EB350 6.0PSD 4.10LS
SK 4wd  

blkjak Grin  
05 e-250 extended cargo van ... will be converted to a "sleeper van" ... blkjak

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Posted: 11/18/10 07:18 PM

I wondered if that would work.  My '90 E 350 has the opening rear windows and I miss them in my 2001.  

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