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Should the Nissan Titan Be Taken Seriously?

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Posted: 01/23/08 06:22 PM

With the new for 2009 Dodge Ram and Ford F150 just around the corner, it has started to become clear that one truck has really become an also ran in the segment. I am not talking about the Honda Ridgeline, I am talking about the Nissan Titan.

To my eyes, the truck really doesn't excel in ANY area. It has only one engine option, an interior with plastic that brings to mind my mom's tupperware collection and no real distinguishing characteristic.

At least the F150 has a great interior, the Tundra has the Iforce motor, and GM has a depth and breadth of ability that makes it the current segment leader. Just my opinion, but I would never buy a Titan, especially as it is more expensive than most of its competition!

What do you think?  

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Edward A. Sanchez
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Posted: 01/23/08 06:30 PM

I will give credit to Nissan for making the Titan the first true "full-size" Japanese-brand pickup. I also like the sound and power delivery of the Endurance V8, in some ways, even more than Toyota's iForce 5.7, which I find a little on the peaky side. Have they lagged behind a little lately in terms of configurations, powertrains, and interior quality? For sure. Do I think they have some upgrades in the works? They'd be stupid if they didn't.

So in sum, the Titan was significant when it came out, but needs some upgrades to remain competitive in the segment.  

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Posted: 01/23/08 09:14 PM

The Titan a forced to be recconed with?? I think not, the only thing it's got going for it is the current trend of buying imports in America. The Titan itself is not that great of truck, comparred to any of the other Big 3, or Toyota. I would have to say in the half ton truck segment GM is top dog, followed by Ford (Just because of the nicer interior and popularity), then Toyota, or Dodge, and at the end the lowely Titan.  

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Posted: 01/24/08 02:58 PM

They may not come with the Engine options of the Big 3. But In our shop, weve seen NO Engine troubles as of yet. And thats saying alot..  

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Posted: 01/31/10 08:41 PM

WoW!! This is an old post, sorry I just seen it. But being a Titan/Armada owner,and a Nissan North America Employee ill weigh in.GM has always been my favorite truck.I stay loyal to the folks that feed my family,and have given me the best job I could ever have in Smyrna,TN.What folks need to understand is Nissan is a passenger car company first!The Titan was a shot they took to see if we could gain some market share in the segment.We stirred the pot Big Time! Ford said "it would never be built".Toyota says their Tundra is the truck that is "changing it all".The Titan raised the awareness of all automakers,and really put some push behind the truck segment.The reason we dont offer 10 differant engines is there's no sence in doing so when your target is middle class,pull a boat on the weekend but still need room to pick up the kids for practice type of guy!The weekend working guy!So,317 hp,380 ft lb torque is fine.
Plus, just cause a guy buys the base doesnt mean he's stuck with a weak V6.
So you still get the v8 reguardless.And we didnt go bankrupt due to 2.5 billion in R&D money for engines nobody wants! So we kept it simple.
Nissan focuses its attention on its small,midsize cars. And now the LEAF, an all electric car with incredible performance! So,,,,,The Titan is to be taken seriously for those who need a serious half ton that can get it done within a half ton package!
Since 08 the mindset has changed.Dodge was going to build the Titan for us in their Mexico plant,for exchange we would build them a small car (versa badged as a chrysler) for brazil. That fell through when Fiat baught Chrysler cause now they have their small car from fiat!So as you should be able to see Nissan is focused on small cars. And if at the same time we can hold on to a small part of the market in truck segment thats fine to!
Oh yeah, just a little Armada stuff. No...And I mean No suv compares to it,not even close!  

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New User
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Posted: 02/13/10 07:13 AM

Im a 05 Titan owner and also a huge GM fan.I have three GM trucks but my everyday driver is the Titan.If you are a Titan hater you just need to drive one.Its one powerfull beast!  

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