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Posted: 07/08/09 11:14 PM

Does anyone know where the best place to start is with the interior. I have an 86 F150 and want to completely redo the inside. Any ideas? Does anyone know where i might find gauges or any other dash parts. Any ideas on how to customize my dash? Thanks  

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Posted: 07/08/09 11:28 PM

Im kinda doing the same thing. i have a 90 chevy that has the old ugly interior style. tommaro i am pullin the dash and installing the interior chevy/gm started in 95. i dont know when they updated the interior in fords, but i believe if they have they same body style the mounting holes for the dash are the sam. if not get the new dash you want and use the old one for a doner.  

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Posted: 07/16/09 02:39 PM

start sanding and painting everything, anything that isn't smoothed and painted should be chrome or billet! good luck and have fun  

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Posted: 12/28/09 07:40 AM is the first place I'd look.If you buy any ofthe truck magazines, the advertisers index has all kinds of leads to try inyour web-search. If you've got another daily driver, the first thing I'd do is strip the interior and look at what needs to go and what you can reuse. Plus it's easier to get at all the other parts with the seats out of the way. I dropped my headliner, whcih was an ugly gray and bought some headliner material from J.C. Whitney for cheap and simply recovered the old one for a quick and E-Z revitalization of the headliner. Duplicolor has an extended line of fabric and plastic sprays that can make all the little doohickeys look 100% better without trying to hunt them down and replace them. New carpet, an old center concsole cut to fit your needs can give the truck a nice custom feel and only set you back less than $200.00. You've gotta be creative to squeeze your dollars when you do an interior. Using your imagination an looking at things you've got lying around or a friend might have hanging on a nail in their garage can get new life if you can take the time to modify it to suit your needs. Steel wool, sand paper, degreaser/cleaner and spray paint can make big differences in what you chooose to reuse and replace.
In the 1970s when the Kustom van craze was in full swing, my van had a huge hole in the dash where somebody took a sawzall and tried to stuff a radio in it. Since the dash was pretty flat, I ended up getting a nice piece of walnut and cut out a window for a set of kustom gauges mounted in a piece of sheet metal and then made a sized-down hole for the radio and mounted everything to it from behind. A few coats of gloss polyurethane and it looked a whole lot better. With a more modern dash, you probably need some metal-working skills, but hey, you aren't born knowing this stuff, sometimes youjust have to get out there and do it. You WILL mkae mistakes, but you cna use them to know what NOT to do in the future, plus it can be a lot of fun and a challenge at the same time. Buying those magazines and studying what other people did will give you tons of good ideas, plus the advertisers index gives you leads as to where to find parts..


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