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New Product turns any truck into an SUV/Pick-up Crossover

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Contact:  Carey Hyde, Gen. Mgr., BedRyder, Inc.  phone  770/846-9067,
October 17, 2008  

If you were around in the 1970’s, during America’s last energy crisis, you may remember the Subaru Brat.  The Brat, which stands for Bi-drive, Recreational, All-terrain, Transporter, was unique because it was the first OEM vehicle to incorporate rear-facing passenger seats in the cargo bed of a pick-up truck.  These back seats were the vehicle’s most popular eye-catching feature.  With only two seats in the cab, the Brat’s cargo bed seats enabled the owner to carry four adult passengers comfortably in a very small vehicle.  Not to mention the Brat seats looked cool and were a blast to ride in.  President Ronald Regan actually owned a red 1978 Subaru Brat, which is on display at his Rancho Del Cielo ranch.  The Brat was re-designed in 1985 eliminating the rear seats and sales virtually dried-up.

BedRyder, Inc. an Atlanta, GA based manufacturer has improved on this popular concept just in time for the current fuel crisis.  Pick-up trucks manufactured today are very large vehicles and truck owners need to get the most utility from their investment.  BedRyder owner, Carey Hyde believes that one way to accomplish this goal is to allow a truck owner to use the full size of their truck to safely carry additional passengers.
“The ability to add safe passenger seating to your truck could eliminate taking two vehicles to the worksite, lake, campsite or racetrack.  If you could eliminate just one 50 mile round trip each week you could save over $1300.00/year, not to mention take one additional vehicle off our overly congested roads. The BedRyder could even eliminate having to buy a larger vehicle.  If you operate a fleet of trucks, imagine what your savings could be.” says inventor Carey Hyde.

BedRyder has made many improvements on the original Brat seat design:
• BedRyder seats are adjustable and will fit any style or size truck bed.
• BedRyder’s patent pending design allows you to completely remove the seats in seconds, leaving nothing in the bed to hinder other uses.
• The BedRyder seating system meets FMVSS standards for passenger seating and includes 4 point racing harnesses.
• The all-weather seat covers allow you to leave the seats in all year long.
• The BedRyder seats can be easily moved to the tailgate for the ultimate tailgate seating position.
• The entire system is Made in the USA.
At just $699.00 the BedRyder seating system will quickly pay for itself through fuel cost savings and like the Brat seats they look cool and are a blast to ride in.  The BedRyder seating system is legal in all 50 states; however some states do have restrictions.  You can see your states status and get additional information at

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