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Worst Term ever invented: SUV

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Posted: 09/17/08 02:46 PM

I own a 2001 GMC Yukon XL SLT w 145000 miles. I grew up driving Suburbans Yukons, Tahoes for both work and pleasure.

My YukonXL is a truck not an SUV, it takes me hunting, fishing, camping, boating. I put a deer in it if I manage to shoot one. My beagles (2) ride with me at least 3 times a week.  It gets scratched going off road and I spend the next week buffing scratches out.

So I wish the marketing weenie who thought up the term SUV and take her or him for a ride.  Trucks dont need DVD players and all the kinds of stuff on them in the showroom.  The "preppies" or "GenYers" or "Soccer Moms" who have a SUV and put it in 4 wheel drive once a year have driven the price up to ridiculous levels.

If you want some fun go to a dealer  and look at the NEW models than explain you are going deer hunting and will put the dead deer in the cargo area.  They will actually turn pale and say "You can't do that ....."

Look all I am saying is let those of use who need a truck be able to get one with paying for all the crap that the SUVers want on it.  Mad

---------------As a Truck not a SUV -----------------
I tow our boat approximately 18 times during April-September usually about 80 miles round trip. The there is at least one trip that we tow  1000 miles roundtrip.

I tow our BSA Troop trailer about 4 times a year with all the gear in it. About 6 times a year I haul scouts and all their gear for trips running from 100 miles round trip to 400 miles round trip.

I haul used equipment/gear or building supplies about 4 times a year for myself, family or friends.

I am in 4 wheel drive about 6 times (beaches, off road, logging trails) over the summer and then depending on time off and the weather probably another 6 times in the spring, summer and fall combined.

That's probably average for me. My wife probably hauls 3 of four times a year on top of that.  

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Edward A. Sanchez
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Posted: 10/02/08 11:04 AM

That's what the Avalanche is for, so the deer carcass doesn't stink up the interior.  Smile  I'm convinced one of causes of the SUV craze is short women wanting to tower over everyone else on the road. I'm with you, trucks should be trucks. But seems like that opinion is in the minority.  

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Posted: 10/03/08 08:37 AM

I agree with you on that.  Me personally, I just call them "Utility Vehicles".  There ain't nothing "sport" about trucks.  

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