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2008 Power Wagon Here and Gone Thanks to Austin, Tx Dealer

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Posted: 08/03/08 09:11 PM

Mad My wife is about to come into some money and told me to go scouting for a new truck. After having given me great service my Jeep needs replacing and I hit the internet looking for the right Dodge Ram 4X4. After configuring several trucks on the Dodge website I found a couple of trucks I was interested in test driving in the Austin, Tx area. I drove a 08 Ram 4X4 almost equipped the way I wanted but since I wasn't going to buy that day he was less than friendly. Then I traveled to my second destination just north of downtown Austin right on I-35 to visit w/ a beautiful on paper Inferno Red Power Wagon. The salesman seemed cooperative enough and I climbed aboard that tall truck. It had everything that I had wanted plus.  I fell in love almost immediately. When next I spoke to the salesman I explained that I currently had no wherewithall to purchase or finance the truck but explained to him and his sales manager in detail of our future (within three weeks) windfall.  The sales manager was not able to finish his interrogation and so I left a little confused about what just happened. The sollowing business day I called the salesman to figure out just where we stood as he had offered to hold the truck for me at no cost.  I spoke w/ him and he spoke to his manager. The salesman relayed to me that if I could provide him w/ a check (not to be cashed until such time as the court ordered settlement money arrived)he would hold that dream truck for me. I arrived and did give him a check that would hold the truck until 08/15/08 and not trusting car salesman I asked again if our action would indeed hold the truck. He explained that while other deals could be made on the truck, ours would take precedance until 08/15. He asked permission to run credit but I told him no as this was to be a cash deal. He agreed. A few days later I called the salesman to ask about some minor questions concerning accessories. About ten to fifteen minutes later I recieved a call from the sales manager to inform me that he needed to send the power wagon to Michigan as part of a trade. I natuarally was upset because a deal had already been concluded for the power wagon in red. They had my check and I had a signed buyer's order. The manager offered a black power wagon they had in stock but I refused. After awhile I calmed down and called back to tell the manager that if they could find another power wagon in either patriot blue or inferno red identically equipped I would agree to let this truck go. They agreed and later found a patriot blue power wagon in Glenwood Springs, Co. I got enough information from the sales manager to look up the blue truck on the internet. Sure  enough it was there and similarly equipped to the truck I was to lose. The next day I talked to the manager to agree that I would release the red power wagon in exchange for the transfer or at least holding for me or the Austin dealership of the blue truck in Colorado. The Manager admitted that the red truck was already on its way to Michigan. He agreed to "throw in" several accessories and upgrades for my trouble and assured me that the truck in Colorado was in a state he called "dealer lock." Having been burned before by him andstill smarting at the loss of the red power wagon, I called the Dodge dealership in Glenwood Springs and spoke to the General Manager who also happened to be the Inventory Manager. He stated that no one had called or inquired about the blue power wagon and had some deal for a trade been initiated he would be the one to know. This infuriated me and I called the sales manager in Austin and accused him of not only being unethical but a liar as well. The following Saturday I arrived at the dealership in Austin to pick up the check and on my way out delivered a well deserved broadside to the sales manager who was talking to customers and also half explained and half lambasted another manager who blocked my re-entry into the showroom after he told me I was not allowed back in (I had no intention of going back in until he forbade me). He physically prevented me from entering the showroom area and my son who was waiting outside approached me to help calm me. The incident ended. The Dodge dealership w/ headquarters in Waco, Tx had not only broken the agreement but told bawl faced lies to cover it up! Was I wrong?!  

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Posted: 08/04/08 09:45 AM

Always get agreements in writing; I see you signed a buyer's order, but the order only itemizes your car order and is not a legally binding agreement. Sales know they have nothing to lose if you don't have a binding contract. The yelling will be personally satisfying, but if you don't want the same thing to happen to others, better contact the BBB or corporate GM.  

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