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IF you cant handle a 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty....

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Posted: 07/09/07 05:42 PM

According to detnews, the '08 Super Duty is to much truck for most people...

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Imagine if there were a steering wheel in your living room window and you tried to drive your house to the mall instead of your car.

That'll give you some idea of how it feels to climb into the pilot's seat of a Ford Super Duty pickup for the first time and try to get it from point A to point B without crushing anything.

You don't need a Super Duty just to drive to the mall, of course -- not unless you're planning to bring back about 2,800 pounds of clothing and shoes or maybe a department store's safe. You don't need this to drive to work, either, unless your job is at a construction site or a horse farm and you'll be picking up concrete blocks or bales of hay.

You don't buy a Super Duty just to take the family on a day trip or on a vacation, either, unless you're towing a large boat or pulling a camping trailer.

Big trucks like the Super Duty are for serious work or serious recreation. If you need this kind of capability, nothing else will do. But, at almost 22 feet long and nearly 6,700 pounds empty (in the case of the tester), you won't want to drive one of these -- especially in reverse in tight quarters -- if you don't have to.

For '08, the Super Duty has gotten a makeover, although not a complete redesign.

Considering its weight and payload capacity -- and that the tester had an off-road-capable suspension -- Ford's engineers have done a commendable job of making the Super Duty's ride comfortable and its handling predictable. Badly damaged pavement will send a shudder through the superstructure and, sometimes, make the rear tires a mite skittish -- traits endemic to large pickups, but both of which are at an acceptable level here.


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Posted: 12/12/07 07:45 PM

you saam to know a little about super dutys
please tell me why im getting 10 miles per gal in my 08 ,6.4  

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Posted: 02/21/08 12:41 PM

I pull a large Teton 5th wheel and could not wait to upgrade from my 2003 Chevy 3500 (DMax/Allison) to the new F450.  The Chevy was definitely durable, but personally I like the look and feel of the Ford much better, and for pulling a heavy 5th wheel is has been great so far.  Mine is a "Job#2" and no problems or issues to date.  MPG is averaging 10.5 city driving, 13/14 Highway and 8 towing.  The Integrated Brake Controller is absolutely the best I've ever experienced, and the tow/haul mode excellent, including downhill and does not need an external exhaust brake.  I knew that the MPG would not be good but purchased it for its tow capabilities.  I don't think any of the new diesels (comparing to similar sized vehicles) are getting much different mileage.  

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Posted: 05/30/08 08:17 PM

Thats funny I bought my wife a 08 F250 FX4.  She drives it with no problem.  Pretty funny to see a 130 women climbing out of it.  

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