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Carlisle All-Truck Nationals 2007 Aug 3-5

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Carlisle All-Truck Nationals 2007 Aug 3-5

Last year's show was a huge success, with Stacey David and Copper Head, The Chrome Shop Mafia, the rock crawl, freestyle motocross show, frame dragging contest, monster truck show and rides, one of the best invitational displays of ATN history and the many more highlights.

In 2007 we will continue to grow the show and bring you all the truckin' fun you can handle! The Carlisle All Truck Nationals has everything a truck lover needs...from a huge vendor midway and swap meet, to almost 2000 trucks covering everything from mini's to big rigs! Big rigs, 4x4s, minis, classics and pick-ups, from customized to stock all show up at the largest pure-truck event in America. Die-hard truck enthusiasts will love the awesome burnout contest, beauty contest, high-low competition, rock crawls, monster truck shows and rides, and frame dragging session. Meet the Chrome Shop Mafia from Trick My Truck, Mickey Harris the creative airbrush artist behind Dragon Master & the Hero's Silverado and see both trucks on display. New this year, you can participate in a 3X point dB Drag & Bass Race competition.

dB Drag Audio Contest - Compete to see if you have the loudest, cleanest sound out there in our 3X point db Drag or Bass Race audio competitions.

dB Drag Racing is the premier format for SPL competitions. dB Drags pose two vehicles head-to-head to see who has the loudest stereo. The lights and excitement associated with dB Drag Racing make this as enjoyable to watch as it is to participate. dB Drag
Bass Race is a head-to-head stereo competition where competitors play commercially available music for 30 seconds (no burps, test tones, burned cd's or sine waves). The competitor is given an average SPL score. This score places the competitor in 1 of 6 classes. The class is determined by score - classes are NOT determined by equipment, vehicle, competitor status, installation or manufacturer. Competitors compete against each other with similar scores. Bass Race is fun for first time competitors and street beaters because it doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100 speakers; you are classed by your score making it fun, entertaining, and most of all fair. Bass Race

Dyno Testing
Bring your truck to the Dyno test and see what it'll do! Challenge your friends and fellow truck participants to see whose rig has more muscle at the Axcelerated Motorsports Dyno test sponsored by Bully Dog. Customers will receive two pulls on the dyno to determine maximum horsepower and torque, as well as graphed and numbers print-outs of the results. Also included on all gas vehicles is wideband O2 monitoring to determine if the vehicle is running rich or lean.

Bully Dog

Bully Dog Burnout Contest
Don't miss the excitement as contestants smoke 'em 'til they pop in the BULLY DOG BURN OUT contest! A limited number of contestants will have the opportunity to bully for "Top Dog" Saturday afternoon at the stage. Don't miss the excitement!

Elizabeth Truck Center
Meet the guys from ETC and see some of their latest creations. In the past ETC has built show stopping trucks like The Beast, A-Plus and G-Unit that have dominated the big rig show circuit and this year will be no different!

Rock Crawl
This year we will pile the rocks in higher than ever to give you slow-paced, heart pounding excitement watch or enjoy. Watch as the pros snake their way through our huge mound of rocks, or get your truck inspected and make your own path through the rocks. Rock Crawl organized by Rausch Creek Off Road Park.

Chrome Shop Mafia
Trick My Truck
Trick My Truck on CMT features the Chrome Shop Mafia, big rig truck mechanics who "steal" the rigs of lucky truck drivers and customize them, turning the drivers' dreams into reality. Meet the Chrome Shop Mafia and see one of the trucks built on the Country Music Television show.

Mickey Harris
Internationally renowned airbrush artist, Mickey Harris will appear at the All Truck Nationals. Carlisle will showcase two of his works of art during the show: Dragon Master - a big rig that has over 2000 man hours of artwork (think about that for a minuteā€¦if he worked 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, that would be 250 days!); and the Hero's Truck - a Chevy Silverado tribute to American hero's that has over $600,000 worth of amazing details, craftsmanship and custom work (and it is hard not to choke up while admiring the true feeling in the artwork on this truck). Mickey will host how-to seminars and meet & greet sessions throughout the weekend. For a full bio or to learn more about Mickey visit

1UP, 1down
Visit Building T to watch as we lift one truck and lower another in the 1UP, 1down exhibit. We are bringing in two BRAND NEW 2007 Truck Trend "Truck of the Year" Chevrolet Silverado's from Outten Chevrolet and giving one a 6" lift and the other will get lowered for a ground hugging stance and the best part, the finished trucks will be for sale after the show!

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