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Got a mudder!

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Posted: 06/07/06 06:50 AM

MuddyWoman posted:
"I have been busy! We moved to Alaska (Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage) the end of February. I'm TDY in San Antonio until tomorrow for a class for work but Monday we finally get our house on base. I'm so excited and my hubby found out yesterday that he got a job! I haven't talked to him yet today but he had a meeting at his new workplace and they were going to go over everything with him so I'll have to get the details tonight!

Anyhow, we already found our mudder in AK. We bought a 1989 Dodge W250 generation 1 Cummins 12-valve with a 3-speed auto tranny, 4x4 (manual hubs), regular cab, long wheel base. This truck is in great condition for being 17 years old with 196,000 miles! First mods will be a 6" lift, 35" mud terrains, and rear lockers. Eventually we'll put better seat belts and seats in and the steering is REALLY loose. We have a fix for it, we just need to order the part. The majority of the mods will be to the engine and tranny. These engines are amazing and I'm so excited that this will be the engine I really get to work on. I do plugs and crap on my Effie but that engine bay is too tight! I'll get some pics on my site of the truck soon. I can't wait - the ice is melting and mud season is coming! I'll be back in the saddle again! Oh! And my horse will be up in AK in June. I love AK already. Its snowed at least 7 times since we've been there and I love it!

We're putting a winch on the Dodge so there will be no question that she'll be able to pull herself out - if nothing else, radio hubby to come with the Duramax!

There was a lot of snow on the ground when we got here and it snowed a lot since we've been here. I'd say at the very least 6 inches snowed on top of what was already on the ground when we got here. The snow is pretty much gone now and the roads are so dirty that you can't even see the lines. I'm surprised there aren't more accidents!

I'll post pics when I get them developed...or figure out where hubby put them!

Okay, I'm done for now. I hope y'all are doin' great."  

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