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First again - Aero devices

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Posted: 08/29/12 01:12 PM

Not much cache being the first poster on a forum started over 16 years ago...

I am wondering about aero devices on my truck to help economy while pulling my 26' "toy hauler" trailer. It is a weight distributing hitch so I'm not yet convinced that a giant pie-plate on the cab will do much except be ugly.

Also, over-th-road truckers all seem to have skirts on the trailers now; Any good?

What about a deep air-dam? I would need something readily removeable as I gather firewood in the same truck.


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Posted: 09/07/12 11:22 AM

I was wondering where you got 16 from, but I see it now... not that it really matters, but that date is wrong... mid 2009 is when these forums started. Something has gone funky with the timestamps.

I've noticed the skirts on trailers too... is that their choice or a requirement?  

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Posted: 09/08/12 07:43 PM

aero devices actually do work...

reduces the amount of air the tires and the front of the trailer need to BULLDOZE out of the way...

the big deflectors on the roof actually continue the  upward airflow from the front of the truck and the windshield up and over the top of the trailer front..   stick your arm out the window at highway speed...  turn the edge of your hand to the airflow..  notice how little resistance there is.. now turn your palm to the airflow...   notice it almost breaks your arm..   now.. think about how many hand prints you can put on the front face of your truck or trailer...  or your tires...

a few things... before you think about a really big deep air dam... look under your truck...

at the engine.. at the exhaust ..  at the underside of the floor...   these all get cooled by the air flow under your truck....

if you have a class 3 trailer hitch...  with open ends..   you might be able to create plugs for both sides  to mount diverter panels on..

you could also install modified class 3 receivers.. in front of your rear axle.. U bolted to the frame rail.. to allow you to install sail panels at an angle  in front of your rear tires...   if you engineer them right.. you should be able to unplug them and rotate them 90 degrees and push them back in the same receiver under the frame to store them out of the way for off road travel..

since fuel tanks are mostly inboard of the frame rails now.. this is a LOT easier..

do examine where the rear brakes are going to get their cooling air from...   and to not cause a LOW pressure area in front of the exhaust outlet...  that could pull exhaust forward and back under the truck..

under the trailer... you could get really creative.. a cross beam bent in a V shape.. to pivot the sails from..   you could use several devices to hold the sails in place..   either a steel cable  from a modified come along mounted behind the center trailer jack.. with some kind of pull springs on the end of the twin steel cables to allow the wings to deflect if they hit something..

clutch pedal return springs to hold it up when not in use..  since the reinforcing bar will be about 1/3 to 1/2 way down from the hinge

these are just ideas...  

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