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*Kristine* 1996 Hardbody

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:01 PM

Here is a pic of my 1996 hardbody. The plans are to RHD ,V8. And a cantilever back half.   Now on to the pics.

Imagejpeg 2 4

Imagejpeg 2 5

Imagejpeg 2 6

Imagejpeg 2 7

Imagejpeg 2 9

Installed the Pioneer 940bt with brand new Polk audios. I installed the tweeters in the kick panels.

20120826 132409

20120826 194954 1

20120826 203407  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:07 PM

Here is my wiring kit along with the stinger led battery monitor

20120824 190035

Some new parts are arriving

New window cracks since my other ones were stripped out.
20120829 201552

Ram Audio sound deading
20120829 201715

I just ordered a *** load of parts and also put my deposit down at Mcclarys to have my truck bagged,body dropped and having the roof chopped. I will have lots more pic prob next week as the parts arrive.  Here's what came in today, the usual stuff.

4 Re-7
20120831 163735
20120904 143355

35 pound shaved door handle kit
20120831 163612

Carpet arrived from ACC

20120901 194854

20120901 195230

Stinger Rca's
20120904 143531 1

Dual 480 compressors
20120904 184539

Air tank has arrived
20120910 173619  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:09 PM

Accuair compresser wiring kit

20120914 143028

20120914 143145

Well all of my accuair stuff came in and here are the pics....

20120919 150226 Zps0ba0a3a3

20120919 150249 Zpsaf8d080b

20120919 150856 Zpsd837b364

20120919 150750 Zps54e26d93

20120919 150453 Zps30835af1

20120919 150358 Zpsdfa58925  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:13 PM

These came in the mail today. My DDM Tuning HID'S

E6649557 13A3 4475 918E 56C504A999FA 1375 000001FBD2873CBC
Just picked these up for a killer deal never seen the road just used for mock up. They are the cando arms with the Toyota ball joints. I plan to powdercoat them either blue or black.

6FB86F34 4076 4F8D 8B4E D02441F3BD57 1375 00000115BC24FE47

FD7F43B7 A947 4C41 84EA 880543620F32 1375 00000115C15D5589

I picked up some pathfinder power mirrors for a sleeker look instead of the chrome hardbody ones.

EFF98433 CD13 4504 940C EA88C5A54AB3 12710 00000323DAAF8A57

Got my Toyota hubs for my 5 lug conversion
91668552 D86D 4B04 85F2 31873074FC67 2586 000000F48E069269

Here are the front bearings and seals for the yota 5 lug conversion. Hopefully they are the right ones.
309019AC E8E4 4A9E B494 8847CCB3956F 100 000000004B5EFA6C

Got my Belltech Toyota drop spindles for my conversion
E098020D 8A15 4149 BB41 0FF2B4EA4759 2284 000000A3BE6BA5A1

Colorado Customs steering wheel pinstripped blue and silver

F5A911CA 6A4E 4AE1 9F0F B031DE238213 2284 000000D669B963BF  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:17 PM

Got all my wilwood rotors today. I'll be running them and the calipers on all 4 corners.

B751B175 45BD 4F9F 98AC 070C42CDAE25 4328 000001329C6B5005


My Wilwood rotor hats

Wilwood brake calipers

5288247D 5FC4 4296 98B5 491B6ACD52E8 9903 0000027EBD4D2238

Got my bushings for my Toyota cando A Arms

A3FF8B18 31C1 4411 ACD1 1097F1CB472F 363 000000A8809F8C1E  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:21 PM

Finaly got my new I-Level from accuair


My new ZZ4 350 with TCI transmission

71BC8741 568D 420D AE35 8F0D158FF686 7918 000002067628CDC7

ED903754 FF9F 4F60 897D 01F3EE1592B0 7918 0000020677080B0C





Got my valve covers today



Got me my new Holley fuel pump
9779A030 1A59 46BD 8913 FC314301EF66 7336 0000027E386ABD84

7908ADBE C72F 4865 A88E A766A9598CF9 7336 0000027E3F88A310

Fuel filter
15341C3C D24F 42F9 ACAF 0E3EFFB78A8A 7336 000002B392C60DC2  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:27 PM

Bought my clear view thermostat for my V8

174F2B75 36E5 4B5D A78B F1B7DFA648FB 4321 0000017F94086B9C

8ACAC83B C487 4E00 86E1 5EA236C9C44F 4321 0000017F9A0CCDFC

Got my painless wiring harness. It's alot of wires lol.

7D8CC3BD D85C 4CA6 AD76 9C038EBFBA36 6364 0000023D7E775DF6

E591C3B1 7392 441A 98DF 1C40CDAE2ACE 6364 0000023D7461863D

My new Edelbrock 600 Cfm carb

2DD77A80 D011 412E 8E05 A4C26003A2D8 4731 000001C453094DB9

4EAF8037 0726 4382 B4BC BABFD83FCD7A 4731 000001C45AC1C0E5

Who doesn't like getting go fast parts in the mail

Timing cover and intake gasket
3CB9D621 355C 42D0 8FDD 00EE8F06D0E5 8522 00000330BA54B138

Edlebrock intake manifold
2C384519 519E 4417 9FD4 ECEA609E2D54 8522 00000330AFE0EB2D

3B5B3375 8A50 432A A3B0 43097BBFDDAB 8522 00000330A53F5909
More parts arrived today. I know everyone is thinking damn when he is going to show some damn progress, I will as soon as he starts work on it. Onto the pics

Comp Cams Springs
7E0683B7 B9EB 496E 9469 D4EBFBC4D7DD 2979 0000010F4C4F68E8

AD2941C4 27AD 4457 B504 45C92CC23795 2979 0000010F556F8216

Comp Cam
47FA0AE4 670E 4C04 A1CC 70974A8F4E23 2979 0000010F5FCE2ABE

Edelbrock Air Cleaner
D0C5568E A5BC 4EBF 87ED B332A3CC564D 2979 0000010F69ACD8E6

B01967A1 2181 41EF 99FC 23FD654901E5 2979 0000010F732752C6  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:31 PM

Nothing special just the Comp Cams retainers/locks
FB4992E6 04D6 4E5A 9C61 BF737C570020 2482 000000D5C0652500

I just bought some Gmc Terrain power and heated seats. Hopefully we can get them to fit.

T2ec16dhjgqe9nombutybrb91ghfq60 3

202 1325287 02

202 1325287 03

My Cali Combo arrived




Got my Wilwood Adjustable Proportioning valve
AAA66B5F 14B7 43BC 9332 194BDF06AA9E 5191 000001D8B198A9DB

The motor has arrived so next weekend we will take it apart and add the goodies I have for it. Also my Master cylinder and dual diaphragm booster came in that will go under the dash to keep the firewall clean


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Posted: 06/04/13 03:36 PM

Here are a couple of pics disreguard that notch its from the previous owner

Null 2

Null 1

Got my vintage air

Null 4

Null 1 1

Installed the cam, lifters, springs and retainers. Had to order a better adjustable cam gear and a rebuild kit for the TCI. Then after all that stuff comes in we will install everything else.

Null 5

Null 2 1

Here are some misc. motor parts

Null 3 1

Null 2 2

Null 1 2

Null 6  

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Posted: 06/04/13 03:42 PM

My parts for my 9 in ford came in today just have to buy the housing.

EEF3B6F7 4CF8 423B B527 B596EE6D8FC3 503 00000017AE754D06

54A7693A A157 46A3 AF30 661DB6656F2C 503 00000017F709177F

292D0A44 788A 40C4 AF05 04AEC69FF52A 503 0000001804F45B1A

31CB46A4 220F 4331 A878 7C7D8118CFB7 503 000000180D0A8D0A

F58E00C2 B4F2 4402 98AF 6369A04154CD 503 00000018162024C9  

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