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Hey Everybody...

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Posted: 08/06/12 02:47 AM

I love all sorts of cars, and I seem to have some of each. I've got an old police cruiser, a full size truck, an import, a motorcycle, and this guy... Currently it's in pieces, but here is a pic from when I bought it last January.

1989 Ranger, weak 2.9L V6 5-SPD.
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I bought it knowing it had a small problem with the bearing in the transmission. It still runs and drives good though, GO FIGURE. My plan was to fix it up and learn how to drive stick with it... But for various reasons I ended up parking it. The smaller wheels make the truck wind up pretty high, too high for my taste(not very fun to drive).

It has been sitting in the side yard in pieces from when I attempted to paint it on the cheap last summer.
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I ran out of sun and time... I miss driving it, and I plan on making this thing road worthy for now to use it as my beater and "work truck" until I can afford to do it the right way.

I'll fix it up as I go... No fancy paint for now, I just wanna get it one color(finish painting rusto flat black, until I can get it painted the legit way). Honestly, I debate if I want to go through all the trouble of doing body work and painting it. Ill do work do it as far as the engine and performance, but I plan on it being a beater/work truck (as much work as you can do with a lowered 6 cylinder, midget truck that is...).

Major Mechanical priorities are to fix the tranny and lower the gear ratio to make it cruise better. Both necessary for commuting to work if I get a job out of town...

I am trying to figure out how to go to school in the fall, so money is tight!  I hate cheaping out as much as the next person, but it's what I've gotten myself into so I've got to make it work. I guess I could say I am going for a modern rat rod, but oh well...

Either way, it will be nice to have something I can drive around town to the store or work, and not have to worry about parking somewhere.

I would eventually like to get another lowered truck, with a longer bed to I can fit a motorcycle or two...  Cool

Thanks for the resource, and sorry for the novel!

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Posted: 08/06/12 11:26 AM

I like this truck - get her together and drive it! Who cares what it looks like - it'll be fun. Plus, like you say, you won't have to worry about parking it. Paint and body are tough to do at home and expensive (potentially) for a shop to do. I've avoided both paint and body haha.

What schools are you considering? Man they keep raising prices all the time on schooling - it's ridiculous.

ROAD WORTHY - good goal. :-)  

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Posted: 09/01/12 01:07 PM

Welcome to the site. Nice truck, cant wait to see it finished. What kind of import do you have?  

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