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New to Diesel Towing

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Posted: 12/13/12 04:46 AM

Hi all,  I'm new to the forum and to diesel trucks.  I'm considering a new tow vehicle and have a few concerns.  I'm new to diesel towing (I've been pulling my boat around for years with an F150) and I'm upgrading to a new Diesel.  I'm reading all these things about watching exhaust temps, blowing transmissions because of heat, etc. and I'm starting to wonder if diesel is the way to go.  With my 150 I just got in, hooked up and went, I was always watching engine and oil temps but it sounds to me like it's much more temperamental and critical on a diesel.  

My boat is roughly 5000 lbs. (loaded wet weight) and I'm guessing my trailer is about 1500 lbs.  The reason I've been looking at moving to the diesel is for towing fuel economy.  My 150 gets in the neighborhood of 9MPG towing and 16 highway.  The truck is primarily used for ONLY towing and around the house work.  

Do I really need to be concerned about adding ETG gauges, upgrading to a free flow exhaust, transmission upgrades, Transmission Temperature Gauge and Auxiliary Cooler, exhaust breaks, etc?  I rarely tow on the highway (mainly divided surface roads) and no real big/steep grades to go up/down.  My 2001 F150 could handle the trailer without much problems just looking for more fuel economy (and need to get a new truck anyway).

I'm really looking for advice on what I need to upgrade/worry about with my towing situation.  I'm NOT looking for a holy war on what brand is better for towing.


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Posted: 12/13/12 12:28 PM

well, you'll be towing 6500 lbs, ANY newer diesel pickup will handle that without even knowing it's back there (first because they are all heavy duty pickups designed to haul/tow a heavy load where your current F150 is a light duty pickup) That being said, you won't have to worry about anything towing a load that light. Now if your load was 14,000 lbs, sure then you would have a decent load for a 3/4 ton pickup, but it would still handle it just fine.  

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Posted: 12/14/12 03:10 AM

First off, I would run an EGT gauge just because I was towing ..... towing always raises EGT's.  Any of the newer diesels should come stock with an exhaust break, which I highly recommend.

Other than that, go slow and don't expect huge gains in fuel mileage.  Keep in mind you're effectively doubling the weight of a 3/4 ton diesel rig (6500 lbs truck weight, minimum) so there is no more drag racing.


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