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2011-12 ram 5500 questions

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Posted: 08/23/12 03:21 PM

I am in the market for a replacement route service truck to take the place of a 06 ford 550 and have mostly decided on dodge. My question is has anyone had any problems with the egr coolers and Def systems like ford has been plagued with and is the new 6.7 a good motor compared to the 5.9 . I have a lot of idle time on my routes and I carry a lot of weight . I own a 04 3500 cummins for personal use and love it and I am unfamiliar with the new cummins but it seems that all the fire, ems ,and utility companies are switching over to dodge around here so that makes me feel as though it would be a wise choice.  
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Posted: 09/03/12 07:28 PM

I would defiantly make the switch. As a former ford man myself I recently retired the old 94 super duty service truck (240,000 miles and two engines later) and purchased a 2011 ram 5500. I opted for the asin 6 speed manual transmission and it came standard with the 6.7 cummins with the Def system. At first the idea of adding exhaust fluid sounded funny but I have grown to love it. Working around the truck while it is idling was something you couldn't possibly do with the old 7.3 but with the new def and SCRS system on the cummins it makes this task 100% better. The gear ratio is perfect for scooting around 70 on the interstate or crawling around the mountain areas where we work hear in upstate NY. (major difference from the  old ford 70 mph @ 3000 rpm). The 6.7 has adequate power but theres always room for improvement in that area if you ask me. The odometer just rolled 21000 miles and other than adding a few jugs of def fluid and what seems like constantly changing the engine oil not one problem (knock on wood). It is a no brainer. 21000 miles and haven't heard a peep from SCRS system witch lets you know when it is in regen and a certain % full and the exhaust is clean as a whistle. Oh yah, with the exhaust brake it has i can  never see needing brake pads.  

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Posted: 12/04/12 05:04 PM

We are getting two of them in ambulance form shortly. If you wanna talk about idle time. The fords we have tell you the idle time, and I'd guess its about 2/3 of the engine hour is idle. If you remind me..I'll let you know how the dodge works out. Shouldn't take long. We tore up a 6.0 in about 14k you'd be hard pressed to find a group harder on a motor than fire/ems.  
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