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Dodge Power Combos....

Jason Sands
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Posted: 12/03/11 02:06 PM

Hey guys, I’ve been fooling around with my ’89 and learning from the First-Gen crowd for some time now, and still the most common question is “How do I make X amount of HP??” So I have decided to throw a few combinations in for 300 to 600 horsepower based upon my actual experiences, or darn reliable sources! I'll cover p-pump trucks, vp44s, and common-rails later as time allows.


Although it is possible to get close to 300rwhp on a stock turbo, an HX35 (94-98) HY35 (98-02), or 60mm compressor upgrade is recommended.  Keep in mind most of these turbos can only handle 35-40psi of boost.  

The throttle linkage and return spring can also be switched for more throttle travel, which will also increase rpm range.

Adding Water/Methanol Injection (two 625ml/min nozzles and 50/50 mix) will add about 40-50hp to any combination.

The larger injector combinations (6x16+) will haze at idle.


Intake, exhaust, fuel pin, 5x14 injectors, gauges.  


Intake, exhaust, 4-inch downpipe, fuel pin, 5x16 injectors, 62/65/14 turbo, 1 tooth skipped on timing (c.22 deg), 3,200rpm spring, gauges 150+gph lift pump with draw straw and filters, low pressure lift pump, or Carter/Holley pump.


Intake, exhaust with 4-inch DP, fuel pin, 6x16 injectors, 64/71/14 turbo, 1 tooth skipped on timing, (c.22 deg), 3,200rpm or 4,200rpm springs, 60 pound valvesprings, head studs, gauges, 150+gph lift pump with draw straw and filters, water-methanol injection.


Rocken Tech 14mm head and rotor, or 14mm Scheid pump, Intake, exhaust with 4-inch DP, fuel pin, 5x25 injectors, 66/74/14 turbo, or HX35/71mm twins, 1 tooth skipped on timing (c.22 deg), 3,200rpm or 3,800rpm springs, 60 pound valvesprings, head studs, gauges, 150+gph lift pump with draw straw and filters, loctite front pump seal and 30psi inlet pressure. 800-900hp with nitrous.

Ok, it’s time to update this thread, and I have to say I have been very remiss at it.
Time for the ’94-98 stuff!

Again, first a note, 180hp and 215hp pump trucks will make more hp than 160hp pump trucks and will need smaller injectors to make the same amount of power.
That being said, 160hp pumps can make 600+, which is pretty darn good for most people.  After all, 600rwhp in a 6500-7000 pound truck is easy 12s, which is fast for the street.

370 injectors (5x12) or 5x14, bumped timing (c.20 deg) 3,000rpm governor springs, mack rack plug, stock turbo (do NOT block off wastegate) intake, and 4-inch exhaust.

5x18 injectors (5x14 or 5x16 for bigger pumps), 20-22 deg timing, AirDog or FASS lift pump at 35psi, 024 delivery valves, mack rack plug, 4,000rpm governor springs, 60 pound valvesprings, ARP head studs, o-ringed or fire-ringed head (it’ll blow if you don’t!), 66mm turbo or stock/75mm, or 57mm S300/75mm combo, 4-inch exhaust.

800hp: Sorry for the gap folks, still working on an actually proven combo for this one!

5x18 or 5x25 injectors, 25-30 deg of timing, Twin Airdog 165 or single FASS 240 pump, 60psi, benched 13mm pump from Scheid, Northeast Fuel Injection, .120 lines, 110 pound valvesprings, 181/210 or larger camshaft, HD pushrods, ARP 625 studs, fire-ringed or o-ringed head, Steed Speed manifold and 38mm or larger external wastegate, S471/S595 turbos, 5-inch exhaust, ARP rod bolts (if possible).  

1989 Dodge D250 "Project Rust Bucket" 14mm Scheid VE pump, 5x25s, 47RH by J&H Performance, 62mm S300, dual wastegates, ARP studs, o-ringed head, NX two stage, 972rwhp on two guns.

1995 Dodge 4x4 "Project Triple Threat" Goerend Trans, Secret squirrel stuff by Garmon's 433/842

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