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2009 6.7 CUMMINS need to improve fuel mileage

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Posted: 04/03/11 01:12 PM

Hey Guys new to the forum.

Well I have a 2009 Dodge 3500 single wheel base short bed 4X4. When I first started driving it i was getting 20mpg Hwy no its around 14mpg Hwy. I also pull a trailer that's about 12,000lbs and it drops to about 8-9mpg which I find to be stupid low.

I think my truck is going into regen mode with out the computer saying it. one example i was standing next to the exhaust and everything was fine and cool and then out of no where it starts blowing supper hot to  hot to stand next to. nothing showed on the screen either. anyone else have this problem?  

I'm looking to delete the DPF and maybe a few other things. was wondering what ones you all have had the best results with. What are the results that you all have gotten?

Also i'm looking to put a winch on and i've been looking for a mount or a bumper any suggestions would be great.


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Posted: 04/03/11 02:53 PM

A good place to start with upgrading a 6.7 is they pretty much have everything you would need to upgrade on a 6.7 and if you didnt like there brand for some reason there are other companys that make the same things. They have a link at the top somewhere for shopping and on the next page there is like a package deals. I was looking for my dads truck also a 6.7 I kinda went with the bare minimum and the total came out to be right around 2,000, xrt pro, 5 inch dpf delete exhaust no muffler, intercooler tube, egr and cooler delete, s&b intake, h&s intake manifold. But its an 08 and 09 prices are a little different. We never went through with buying it but im sure that it would greatly help if you only did a dpf delete depending on gears itll help more.

As far as bumpers there are alot of adds in dieselpowermag for off road type such as fusion bumpers, i prefer ranch hands but there are all kinds of aftermarket bumpers that are setup for winches.Hope this helps some.  
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Posted: 04/03/11 03:54 PM just click on it.  
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Posted: 04/03/11 09:51 PM

Bumpers with winch mounts would be Road Armor, Fab Four, and Throttle Down Kustoms.

H&S and the Smarty 67ME are both good choices for doing the deletes, and a delete pipe can be had for cheap from Napa or any auto parts store that carries 4 inch exhaust pipe.  Unless you're looking to boost horsepower above 500hp, an upgrade to a 5 inch exhaust is like throwing your money out the window.

As for results you can expect to get an increase in fuel economy anywhere from 15% to 25%, and getting close to 20 MPG once the deletes are done.  Keep in mind though this voids the warranty and if someone checks for the DPF and finds it's not there then its a federal offense.


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Posted: 04/28/11 03:07 PM

I just bought me a 2011 2500 6.7.  I have 4700+ miles on it.  When I first bought the truck, I too was getting higher mileage around 18 MPG (pen and paper) as well.  But about 1000 miles I started dropping and now I am steady 14 MPG. I drive mostly highways and I have not towed yet, but I should expect 8 MPG when I do based on what I read here.

I used to own a 2003 5.9,  and I was getting 20 MPG quite regularly, so needless to say I am a bit disapointed on this new engine. This is a new purchase so I need to make this work.  Any suggestions on making my performance better or am I getting the best I can hope for?  

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Posted: 04/28/11 03:47 PM

Delete the EGR, DPF, Catalytic Converter, and muffler and add an aftermarket air filter or cold air intake, put a Smarty S67ME on it and a pyrometer and boost gauge (trans temp too if it's an auto) and call it a day. If you have 3.73's you should get back around 18mpg, if you have the 3.42's you could see over 20 running empty.  

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