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84 6.9L IDI needs cheap power upgrades

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Posted: 07/19/08 09:10 PM

ive got a 1984 f-250 with a 6.9 IDI and a four speed. im a junior in high school and need to get the most power i can get for cheap. any ideas?  
1984 6.9 IDI, four speed manual, dual straight pipe exhaust,steel flatbed. just a shitty old ranch truck that got handed down

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Posted: 03/12/09 06:23 PM

For cheap power in a 6.9,
1. Make sure the engine is in good running order
2. get rid of the air intake restriction from the air cleaner housing
3. dual exhaust with a crossover pipe
4. you can turn up the pump if you put in an EGT gauge
Those things are the first things you can do for little money, after those are done the cost escalate. Before you spend money on a turbo, check with Advanced Adapters on a bolt on overdrive. The unit they have gives you 8 forward gears, which combined with deep gears in the rear end, will up your performance more than a turbo alone and you will be able to increase your fuel milage.  

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Posted: 04/13/09 04:54 AM

What do you have to do to get rid of the restriction in the intake? Do you just turn the top of the air cleaner up side down or take the hose off? What's a safe EGT for the 7.3/6.9 IDI? How much should you be able to turn up the IP safely?  

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Posted: 04/17/09 02:11 PM

1. Cut out the "Salad Bowl"
2. Use K&N filter
3. DON'T REMOVE HOSE OR FLIP LID! Instead go to the hardware store and pick-up a 4" AC/heat register and using tin snips fit it to the factory cold air intake location. If your truck doesn't have 1 it goes directly over the driver side Bat.
4. If you turn the pump up only go 1 flat at a time. You are only adding fuel and not power if your "Rolling Coal" unless that's the point. Myself I like to "Roll Tire Smoke".
5. Replace all the fuel inj. return lines. If they've never been changed or not in the last ten years, they're almost surely leaking and drawing air.
These tricks will set you back less than a C-note (if you buy the return hose and cut/clamp yourself) and in my case I dropped my 0-60 time from 19 sec to 14 and the truck ran smooth and strong. Good luck.  

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