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Big Will48 Big Will48
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/14
Posted: 05/02/14
07:42 AM

is it me or are past due for a big SUV? I'm in my ram on day waiting for the wife while she picks up her Durango and I think about how cool it would be if Dodge would bring back the awesome two dodge ram full size. Let's give Tahoe and Expedition some real competition.  

lasvegascolonel lasvegascolonel
Enthusiast | Posts: 279 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 07/21/14
04:10 PM

In this day of downsized vehicles, I think we're lucky to have Suburbans which you can get in EL (extra-long) version.  This is also true of the Expedition.  I was just looking at the dimensions of my dad's 73 Ford Country Squire wagon.  It's a couple of feet longer than our current minivans.  What Ford calls "full-sized" today (its Taurus) has a smaller wheelbase than its former mid-sized Torino.  Trucks are the place where things have gotten bigger while our cars have shrunk, but there are still some large SUVs out there.  It's just that Chrysler doesn't have any really large ones.  The Durango is the largest SUV Chrysler makes, yet it is much smaller than my first car I drove, a 55 Caddy.  Ironically, today's cars are much heavier despite the fact they no longer have metal grilles, trim, or glass lights.  
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