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Toe Keeps Going Out

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Toe Keeps Going Out

Jon Phillips Jon Phillips
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/03/13
09:06 PM

Hello Truck Trend, I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota QC 4x4, 3" Body Lift, 3" Suspension Lift, 2" Wheel Spacers, 33x12.5" BFG A/T KOs. I've been having an issue where my alignment (primarily my toe) keeps going out by itself. I'll have it set and then the next time I drive it will be out, constantly changing angles (steering wheel to the left, to the right, sometimes way off, sometimes only a little off, hitting hard bumps affects it even more). The issue first appeared after I installed a new set of rack and pinion bushings about two weeks ago as my old ones were shot. A year ago I replaced my entire rack and pinion and used my old bushings which at the time were fine. The old bushings did not have metal sleeves, the new bushings did. The rack and pinion was bought from Advanced Auto Parts and my new bushings were bought directly from Chrysler. I have no movement in tie rods ends (inner or outer), ball joints, wheel bearings, etc. One shop I took it to said the entire rack is probably moving and I should replace that, another shop said that nothing is moving, and the movement could be caused by all the extra things (lifts, tires, spacers, etc.) however I did not have a problem with my alignment whatsoever until my bushings were put in. It seems to me that the rack and pinion is moving, but when in the air and prying on everything nothing moves, when steering in the air nothing moves, and when the bushings were installed everything went in beautifully and was torqued according to specs. PLEASE help with this as I do not want to ruin my brand new set of $1200 tires.  

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