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RALLYE AICHA DES GAZELLES March 19th - April 2nd 2011

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RALLYE AICHA DES GAZELLES March 19th - April 2nd 2011

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Posted: 10/15/10
11:29 AM

Rallye website:
U.S.A. Gazelles prepare for the Rally - Video Link:

Welcome to Morocco!  Adventurers and athletes, have you ever wanted to travel through Morocco but do it competitively?  Well here is your chance… the most exciting and rewarding off-road motorsport event is celebrating its 21st year.  The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles invites you to compete in a nine-day off-road rally race with 200 women from around the globe. From March 19th through April 2nd drivers and navigators together will have the chance to experience this quest.  
Tradition navigational tools are removed from this event, making it more challenging then some of the most difficult off-road races in the world.  If you are looking for an adventure combined with the most amazing scenery and people, take a look at becoming a Gazelle.  Learn more by going to the website at <> .
You’re adventure awaits you…

October 14, 2010

International Off-Road Rally Returns to Morocco for the 21st Year

The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles is the only all-women’s off-road rally raid in the world.  The rally is a grueling test of driving skill and navigation across southern Morocco’s most beautiful and challenging terrain. The rally is unique whereby teams are not allowed technological assistance.  In the absence of GPS, communications and service crews, teams must find the shortest distance between the checkpoints over nine days of competition with only the aid of traditional navigation – compass, outdated maps, and plotters.  The event is an incredible test of endurance, patience, and teamwork, pushing competitors to their limits.

March 19th – April 2nd
*Deadline for registration is February 19th, 2011. Early registration for discounted rates is September 30th, 2010.

France and Morocco
Timeline of events
March 19th – 21st – CEREMONIAL START
Technical and administrative verifications in Sete, France
Transfer to Morocco

March 22nd – 31st – COMPETITION
Southern Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco

Over 110 teams are expected to compete in the event – including professional drivers, athletes, celebrities and adventurers from across the globe.  

The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles was founded in 1990 by Dominque Serra and is managed by Maienga Communications, France.  In addition to being the only all-women’s rally raid in the world and a serious navigation test, the Gazelles Rally is known and respected for its non-profit organization, Heart of Gazelles.  Through broad reaching humanitarian efforts, the Heart of Gazelles brings aid to the region through extensive medical aid, support to orphanages and schools, sustainable development for villages, and job development for women.  The rally is recognized as the only motorsport event globally with ISO 14001 Certification, having adopted strict environmental and citizen-friendly mandates and commitments. To learn more, log on to <> .  

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