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dodge ram 1500

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dodge ram 1500

goodfrog goodfrog
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/10
Posted: 05/03/10
07:42 AM

hi as a brit dodge rams are very rare in the uk my question is are they any good thinking of the top line model with the hemi and as petrol prices here are morgage sized there are l p g. conversions enabling 30mpg and half the price of petrol oops gas lol I will be using as only motor  and tow the odd caravan all less than 2tn all up The coil springs make it the choice rather than leaf <bad back and age> and this made me think go usa truck not local rubbish. So to sum up are they reliable-- are they comfortable -- do they rust and self distruct <we use a lot of salt in the winter here> can i get about 5 years trouble free motoring at aprox 15k per year mixed pulling / solo  Previous cars have been Z4 3 ltr coupe <felt like no suspension on it and very poor quality finish sorry guys i no its usa made > also had many 3 series 3 ltr salons /coups there good but all on runflat tyres makes it a very hard ride -and a big plus with a ram will be cheaper insaurance costs. My driving for the past 30 years has been international big rigs so the size of a Ram does not bother me allthough i hope it goes in my garage lol <we have very small garages in the uk also> So anybody out there please shout out your opinions look  foreword to hearing all . thanks you guys and ladys if any.  

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