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Can Fiat Save Chrysler? and will the Volt save GM?

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Can Fiat Save Chrysler? and will the Volt save GM?

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Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 03/31/09
03:31 PM

Can Fiat Save Chrysler? and will the Volt save GM?  

romalerig romalerig
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/09
Posted: 04/01/09
07:37 AM

I think GM and Chrysler can save themselves only if they makes a very strong financial restructuring with the help of those who are involved, creditors, UAW and of course Obama's administration. After that,industrially, GM already has the fuel-efficient technology which Chrysler is trying to obtain from Fiat: GM owns OPEL, one of the most important German auto-maker. Its cutting-edge engine tech, together with Volt, that seems to be a very good platform for the immediate future, can help GM to increase its business very much. Meanwhile, the US administration’s  aim  is to do everything possible to save jobs and the US presence in the car's market and certainly bankruptcy is not the ideal way. I think the Chrysler-Fiat deal could work because they complete each other in every way. Commercially, Chrysler needs a stronger presence in Europe, South America and Far East and Fiat, with its huge dealers' network, can help it (note that Fiat is no.4 in Europe, no.1 in South America, especially in Brasil, is linked with TATA the biggest Indian Motor Company and is negotiating with Chery - Chinese Motor Company - for a partnership). On the other hand Chrysler can give the same chance to Fiat, that is re-entering the US market after a very long time. The goal for both is geographic diversification which can increase their business and give the opportunity of becoming two real global players. Industrially, Fiat, as the other European car-makers, has a lot of experience in making unguzzler, not-only-small and clean engines for two reasons:  first, gasoline and diesel are very expensive in Europe(1 liter =1.35 euros. 1 liter=nearly a quarter of a gallon, 1 euro=nearly 1.36 $), second the European standards on CO2 emissions are stricter than US ones. Certainly, you're right!!!! Fiat has made it very clear that it will not be assuming Chrysler debt (and that sounds like a bad kid !!!!), but also all the technology which Fiat is ready to give to Chrysler has a value, a commercial and industrial value that can help in reinforcing its assets - which can decrease creditors' risk - and in obtaining the necessary debts’ restructuring and labor concessions. Then Fiat is ready to invest nearly 6,5 $ billion in the next 3 years on restructuring at least 3  Chrysler’s plants to realize new, clean and flexy-fuel models from the beginning of 2011, based on the completely new platforms (small cars, hatches and sedans) developed by Fiat;  most of them are just ready to be used by Chrysler after plants’ restructuring (new Alfa Milano, new Alfa Giulia, new Brera Coupè/Spider, new Fiat Linea, 500, Punto, Bravo, Panda and Croma and the new Alfa big sedan developed on Maserati Quattroporte GTS platform which will be on the streets in the beginning of 2012). The goal is economies of scale in the entire global market: same platforms different models…..that’s the dogma !!!!!

Last but not least, the vey first models/platforms are going to arrive in US with Fiat/Alfa or/and Chrysler/Dodge badge in the beginning of 2011:

The complete Fiat 500 line-up (probably Abarth 500 too)

The complete Fiat Linea line-up

Alfa Romeo Mi.To. (probably together with the incredible GTA: 1.750 liter 4 cylinders turbocharged 240 hp and nearly 340 nm of torque and only nearly 32 mpg)

Maybe new Lancia Delta

If you wish, you can see for details:

That’s all folks, bye Grin  

*** for those whom are sceptical about the quality of Fiat Powertrain  Technology (the  Fiat Group’s company which developes engines for all the brands except Maserati and Ferrari), its chief-engineer is an Italian guy named Paolo Martinelli who is the former Ferrari’s Formula 1 chief-engineer (with him Ferrari has won 13 F1 World Championship Title: the Shumacher era, of course!!!!). Then Fiat has been the first to use the most important technologies in European car industry: direct injection and common-rail technologies in gasoline and diesel engines  simply because Fiat invented them.... not VW not BMW not Mercedes. More powerful, more fuel efficiency and cleaner engines under the same displacement.  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Moderator | Posts: 577 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 04/24/09
04:49 PM

I'm skeptical on both counts. Chrysler has had quite a roller-coaster history over the years. First with the bailout in the late '70s, early '80s, then the German takeover in the late '90s, and now this mash-up with Fiat. They've had flashes of brilliance (Viper, '94 Ram, LX Cars) but have not been able to field an across-the-board winning lineup lately. Fiat certainly injects some hope and expertise in smaller cars into the equation, but sadly, I could see this same soap opera playing out in another 10 years, and the Chinese being the buyers that time around.

The Volt by itself will not "save" GM, but it has the potential to be a major perception-changer for the company, and could lay the groundwork for some very promising future products as well. Looks like the 2010 Detroit show could be an interesting one!  

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