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What gas mileage should I be getting in my 2001 Ford Expedition?

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What gas mileage should I be getting in my 2001 Ford Expedition?

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Posted: 01/09/09
01:19 PM

Question:I have a 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer V-8 4x4 and am wondering what optimal gas mileage should be. I'm getting about 11.9 mpg, and of course would like to get better. Can you offer any advice?

Answer: You didn't mention which V-8 is in your Eddie Bauer trim, so I'll give you the EPA fuel economy statistics for both. The 4.6-liter's original numbers were 14 mpg city/18 highway/16 combined, but dropped a point or two when converted to the new, more accurate fuel-economy testing procedure that went into effect with the 2008 model year. It's now 13 city/17 hwy/14 combined. The 5.4-liter V-8 started at 12/17/14 mpg and was updated to a more realistic 11/15/13 mpg. If you have the bigger engine and do mostly city driving, these new figures certainly make sense. I wouldn't suggest investing money on upscale performance parts in an attempt to boost fuel economy. Even if it helped a little, the parts will most likely never pay for themselves with the gas money saved, although I may retract that statement if fuel costs rise much further and performance parts don't. Focus on the basics. Keep a clean air filter in front of your engine's intake at all times; buy more than one at time when you're at the parts store. Always keep your tires filled to the correct air pressures and check them biweekly. Don't carry unnecessary cargo weight. But the best way to save fuel relies on driving habits: Accelerate and brake gradually, keeping highway speeds at 60 mph or below. Make it a project to see if you can beat the EPA estimates. Like a lot of folks are doing, you may want to downsize to a crossover if the cost of fuel is outweighing the utility space and security of a full-size SUV.


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