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1993 Ford Ranger replcaing the fuel hoses

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1993 Ford Ranger replcaing the fuel hoses

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Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 01/06/09
02:50 PM

Fuel Hose Repairs for Ranger

Question: I have a 1993 Ford Ranger with the 3.0-liter engine and a manual transmission with 160,000 miles. Must the fuel tank be dropped to replace the fuel hoses from the pump to the filter and the engine? There's not much room to work between the bed and the crossmember or between the frame rail and the gas tank. Is it okay to splice the plastic hose section that's leaking close to the pump, or is that just a temporary fix? If I replace the entire fuel hose assembly, it'll cost $135.


Answer: The hoses in question are routed to the fuel pump/fuel gauge sending unit assembly, which drops down into the top/center of the fuel tank. Ford uses special high-pressure plastic fuel hoses with push-clip connectors. Splicing into these plastic lines is not only a temporary fix, but possibly a dangerous one. So don't take any chances and replace the entire hose assembly. It's worth it. Trust me. If you are unable to get your hands on the fuel hose connections on top of the tank, then remove the tank. It's not that big a deal, especially if the tank is near empty. Just remove any skidplates (if equipped), the fuel filler pipe and hoses, support the tank with a jack, undo the two bolts that secure the retaining straps, and then lower the tank to the ground. This will give you full access to everything up top so you can replace the fuel hoses properly.


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