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TTG: 2005 Ford Explorer left-side mirror Vibration

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TTG: 2005 Ford Explorer left-side mirror Vibration

Truck Trend Truck Trend
Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 12/23/08
01:42 PM

RearView Explorer Vibration

Q: I own a 2005 Ford Explorer with a vibration problem that shows up on the left-side mirror at speeds between 55 and 70 mph. The inside mirror and right-side mirrors don't vibrate. I called Ford and the person I talked to called my dealer, who informed me it wasn't within their parameters. I disagree. The mirrors, right or left, should not vibrate at any speed. They also said it was due to aerodynamics, which is hogwash since all the mirrors have a shroud to prevent this.


A: I've run across similar situations with different vehicles, and each time replacement of the entire mirror assembly corrected the problem. For some reason, the fixture that held the mirror glass to the power mirror motor wasn't secure enough, allowing the mirror to jiggle or vibrate while driving at certain speeds. Ask the service-department personnel to take you for a ride in a similar Explorer at the same speeds at which you've experienced the problem. If the test vehicle's driver-side mirror doesn't vibrate, there goes the theory of a normal characteristic due to aerodynamics. If the test Explorer's mirror does the same thing, then maybe they're on to something, or maybe there's a bad batch of left-side Explorer mirrors out there. Other conditions that may amplify a mirror vibration are the mirror assembly not securely fastened to the door, the mirror assembly or door being bent/damaged and affecting aerodynamic profile, the door itself not secure or misaligned, or an unwanted chassis or driveline vibration, which you probably would've already felt in the steering wheel or seat of your pants. If you're still covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, I'm surprised the service department didn't replace the mirror in the first place.

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