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Transformers! Rollin' Out the Promotions at a Theatre Near You?!?

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Transformers! Rollin' Out the Promotions at a Theatre Near You?!?

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Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 06/08/07
04:43 PM

Transformers! Rollin' Out the Promotions at a Theatre Near You?!?


Transformers is now less than a month away and the excitement is becoming palpable. Fantastic Four 2 opens in a week, and I'm not hearing anything near the anticipation for Transformers. Again, a week away, but I don't beleieve FF has a travelling promotion like the scope of the Transformers.

I have just returned from the Emagine Theatre in Novi, MI where Paramount pulled out all the stops. There was a giant Peterbilt semi-truck parked out front of the theatre, and several local radio stations were in attendance. Unfortunately, at 8am, there weren't as many people as one might have expected. But it was great to hear people talking of missing work just for the opportunity to score some free passes. Of course, these same people were dodging the TV cameras as if their jobs depended on it. And, I suppose they did.

But it wasn't just the adults playing hookey. There were plenty of parents who brought their kids down, and it was difficult to determine who was more excited.

Few knew what the plan was for the day, but we knew it involved that truck, and we were also hoping for some free passes. The event was supposed to start at 8am, but 8am came and went. The local radio stations were doing giveaways, asking trivia questions, and trying to get prizes of passes and video games to the kids, but again, the adults were just as excited. And me? I was eager to see what they had in store for us in that truck.

By 8:30am, folks were getting antsy ... no one had told us the skinny, and folks were getting ready to riot over those movie passes. So the folks at 106.7 The Fox began handing out passes to all of the folks in line, which quelled the revolt a bit, many of the 50 or so in attendance left on account of having to get to the office; and so, there were about 30 people remaining, waiting to get inside that truck. What was the holdup? Well, it seems the holdup is waiting for actors to show up. Actors?!? Hmmmmm ... well, before you get excited, it wasn't anyone from the movie, but part of the show that would happen inside that truck.

By the time they let us in, we get inside and are told to shut off our cell phones, and put away all cameras. There were to be no pictures inside the truck. Boy, was it cool, though. There were several monitors, which looked to be tracking the progress of the NBE catastrophe, as well as other odd looking equipment hanging on the walls. Our actors, then, presented themselves Secret Service or some government agency, reassuring us that there were no NBEs in the vicinity. Then they flashed some fake badges and mocked us, by telling us that NBEs were Non-Biological Entities and did not exist because the government isn't in the business of covering things up.

I think the actors thought they were funnier than they were. Most were annoyed that we were held up on account of these boneheads. But, after their make-believe session, we were shown some footage. And, boy, did it look cool. By now, most have seen the trailer, right? Remember that big battle sequence with the soldiers inthe desert being chased by Skorponok? That's what we got to see. It was about 3-4 minutes of things blowing up, Skorponok running amok in the desert and Josh Duhamel trying to place a call to the Pentagon on a cell phone. There are some light moments, but the action is big and fast paced.

When the footage was over, we were then ushered out by our boneheaded, late-arriving Secret Service actors, and, again, were not allowed to take any interior pictures. Sorry. However, if you live in the Metro Detroit area, the event is going to resume at 6pm, ending at 11pm. The footage is pretty cool, and passes are while supplies last.  

thekoof thekoof
Enthusiast | Posts: 312 | Joined: 05/07
Posted: 06/08/07
07:20 PM

I can't wait for this movie!!!  

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