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1998 Toyota 4Runner or 2000 Chevy Blazer ??

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1998 Toyota 4Runner or 2000 Chevy Blazer ??

Truck Trend Truck Trend
Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 04/16/07
09:48 AM

As a "hypothetical" Truck buyer, which Truck would you choose to buy?

2000  Chevy Blazer; 4X4, 88,000 miles; $6,800


1998 Toyota 4Runner; 4X4, 166,000 miles; $6,995  

kris1 kris1
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/07
Posted: 05/20/07
09:04 AM

In all honesty I personally would go for the Toyota. They are a really reliable truck. I have owned an 85" toyota p/u with 400000kms on it and it hasn't given me as much grief as the 2000 blazer with 98000kms. If you buy the blazer expect to do the ball joints, brakes, front end alignment, and the front wheel bearings. Plus if you want to lift it, the minimum cost would be $1600 for the basic kit. As for the toyota, all you might have to do is the timing chain which is not all that hard to do. and if you want to lift it, you could buy the expensive IFS lift kit for around $1600 Or you could just as easily put in a solid axle swap for around $2000, which in all honisty is the way to go because the solid axle is basicly bullit proof.  

thekoof thekoof
Enthusiast | Posts: 312 | Joined: 05/07
Posted: 05/20/07
08:33 PM

The Toyota. Though I really like Chevrolets, those Blazers aren't the greatest and I wouldn't trust them that much.  

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