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Death of a Land Rover...

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Death of a Land Rover...

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Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 03/28/07
09:11 AM

A Firend of mine posted this on one of my forums...


The another one bites the dust thread and a couple of other things lateley have reminded me of my old Land Rover.  Like getting the Atlantic British Mini catalog.  I used to get Atlantic British Land Rover catalogs....

Anyway, Jenn and I were already kicking around the idea of getting a Mini.  About all we knew about them at that time was that they were cool looking and got pretty good gas mileage.  She had a 2 hour commute for work driving a was getting expensive.  We even drove a used one in Huntsville and dropped in to see a few @ Mini of Nashville on our way to a concert.  We met JoMo and kicked a few tires.

A couple of weeks later this happened to my 1 of 250 Kalahari series DIIs.  

437245101 9Bd31973a5

437245103 B412527b16

437245135 9Dd5a47a46

437245139 2Aff8fc58b

437245141 1B06b7cebc

Man I really dug that ride.  Freak 15 - 20 minute storm uprooted a ~ 100 yr old maple tree in my front yard and smashed it.  Stupid me backed the LR out of the driveway so we could take the Suburban to Huntsville.  Had I returned it to the driveway it would have been fine and we probably wouldn't have the Mini.  

Oh yeah, I didn't learn my lesson.  About 6 months after getting the Mini I backed the Mini out of the driveway and parked it on the street (in the exact same spot) to take the Suburban to work.  Any guess as to what happened?  

437256410 3Ea85b0b5f

I come home for lunch to find a Caddy parked in my front yard.  I though, "Ok this is strange" and pulled into the driveway.  I didn't notice the Mini was hit until I got out of the car.  Man was I pissed.  To top that off a 5 day repair job ended up taking 5 weeks.  :eh:   While at the repair shop another freak storm blow over the rack containing my window that was removed to install the new quarter panel.  :no:  Smashed!  

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