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Toyota's biggest recall reels in luxury cars

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Toyota's biggest recall reels in luxury cars

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Posted: 03/16/07
03:42 PM

Toyota's biggest recall reels in luxury cars

By Kevin Hepworth

March 08, 2007 01:52am
Article from: The Daily Telegraph

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TOYOTA has issued a safety recall to more than 137,000 Land Cruiser and Lexus 4WD owners.

The recall came after the discovery, during services, of a number of cars on which retaining bolts on the front brake rotors had loosened or detached.

"Under certain specific, severe circumstances the retaining bolts on the front brake rotor can loosen," Toyota's Glenn Campbell said.

"If the car continues to be driven under those conditions an extreme result would be that the bolts may displace."

A total of 134,513 Toyota Land Cruiser (70 and 100 series) vehicles and 2966 Lexus (LX470) built between September 1997 and December 5, 2005, are involved in the recall, which applies only to cars sold in Australian and New Zealand.

The recall is the biggest involving a Toyota vehicle in Australia and one of the most extensive for any brand of car in Australia.

The Land Cruiser and luxury Lexus LX470 are popular family cars often favoured by women, which has earned them the nickname of "Mum's Taxi".

Mr Campbell said there have been 39 instances of loosened bolts found during services, but no reports of accidents attributable to the issue.

The conditions under which the retaining bolts become stressed include repetitive high "G" brake applications, which may occur when the car is driven down steep inclines, or when towing.

All owners will be contacted directly by Toyota and the bolts checked and replaced free of charge if necessary.

Any concerned vehicle owner can contact their nearest Toyota dealer for further advice.


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