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88 Suburban This Thing Kicks ***

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88 Suburban This Thing Kicks ***

bschaffels bschaffels
New User | Posts: 18 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/07/06
07:29 AM

Bulldog0404 shared:
"My dad has owned this 1988 chevy suburban for over ten years now and i tell you, since i've been looking more into cars and trucks lately, this suburban just kicks *** compared to some of the new stuff out.

Its almost completly stock except for a new air intake system. Its a wisconsin SUV and its packing on lot of rust so its getting a bondo/paint job this summer and the interior is in real good condition, i'm gona be hooking up a mean sound system for this thing and its gona blow some heads off.

I live in wisconsin and we still have about two feet of snow up here and this morning my dad and i were coming home from work and this guy got his 2005 F-150 stuck in the ditch. My dad pulled over and hooked up tow rope to the back of the suburban and pulled that F-150 like it was a feather.

is there anyone else that drives or has driven one of these awesome SUV's?"  

User | Posts: 204 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 06/13/06
10:00 AM

there is still 2 feet of snow up there??  dang!  good luck with the snow brandy!  

El Kabong Mk.II El Kabong Mk.II
New User | Posts: 17 | Joined: 01/15
Posted: 06/21/06
01:18 PM

You're stupid, it's not a full TANK, it's a full-sized TRUCK!

Whattaya youse, some kinda wise guy?!  

You can tell a lot about a club by the behaviour of its members. True losers out themselves of their own accord, to the detriment of their fellow club members and those who stick their neck out for them.

mopar_dak mopar_dak
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/09/06
08:02 AM

My friend's dad let us take his '86 suburban down to a music festival the last 3 years, I have a pickup and couldn't fit the 4 people that were coming along.  It's a great truck.  My friend's dad owns a shop, and he keeps the truck in perfect condition.  The body was restored about 5 years ago (what was left of it after the rust).  It's got a nice black/grey two-tone paintjob.  The engine is original, has about 250,000 miles.  It runs great, and sounds great with the 5.7L through gibson mufflers.  We drove from New York to Tennessee and back, and only had to fill the tank 4 times the whole trip... but that's a 50 gallon tank and took over $100 each time!  

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