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Raider--- 1 year and out ?!?!

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Raider--- 1 year and out ?!?!

bubbahotep bubbahotep
New User | Posts: 33 | Joined: 03/06
Posted: 06/14/06
10:46 PM

The production of the Raider was put on hold a couple of months ago.  I guess there was too much of an inventory sitting on the lots..
Is it possible that this could be the last year for the truck ??
Why would they make a truck that almost mirrors the Dakota ?  

CMan CMan
User | Posts: 61 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 06/15/06
01:20 PM

Considering that they only sold 492 in February, and they have a 208 day supply on the lots, I can see why the are stopping production. I don't understand it myself; I always thought it looked better than the Dakota.  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Moderator | Posts: 577 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 05/07/09
02:36 PM

It might have looked better than the Dakota, but when the Dodge got updated with the twin-spark V8, the Mitsu still soldiered along with the old-style V8 that had less power and got worse mileage than most of the competitor's sixes. It's no wonder it quickly became a lot-sitter.  

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