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What was your first Truck?

Truck Trend
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What was your first Truck?

Truck Trend Truck Trend
Administrator | Posts: 4666 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 06/13/06
04:22 AM

My very first Vehicle was a Truck. I learned how to drive stick on it. I learned how to play in the dirt in it....

My First truck was an 87 Toyota extra cab long bed. It was the Metallic Burnt brick color. My parents bought it brand new off the lot in 87 when I was only 7 years old. When I got my licence, it became mine. I had a lot of great times in that MINI truck. I miss that truck. I want one just like it again!  

RFIbanez-#002 RFIbanez-#002
User | Posts: 65 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/13/06
07:14 AM

It's not my truck but the first truck I've ever driven was an 89 Toyota pickup. I practiced stick on it too.  

bschaffels bschaffels
New User | Posts: 18 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/13/06
06:44 PM

My first truck was my father's big Ford F-250. He reasoned that if I could learn to maneuver that behemoth through poles and between cones, then I could drive anything.

I learned to drive a stick on a forklift. It had three gears: Hi, Lo, and reverse.  

CMan CMan
User | Posts: 61 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 06/13/06
11:43 PM

My grandpa let me drive his flatbed Ford down the driveway. 460 and a 5-speed. In a year, I can take it out on the road.  

Gunner22 Gunner22
New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/16/06
07:14 AM

The first truck I drove was my Dad's 84 3/4 ton Chevy 4x4.  350 crate engine with a 3-spd manual. Odometer rolled over at least 3 times and its still going.  Learned a lot with that truck.
The first truck I have owned is the 2005 Nissan Titan in my driveway right now.  Through college all I could afford was my little sunbird and then a cavalier.  Bought this when I got a full time job.  I expect this truck to be mine for many, many years.  

LightningSVT LightningSVT
New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/17/06
08:11 AM

My first was an '89 s-10 mostly custom raised by 4" , pulled the bench seats and used caddy buckets that were in good condition from a junkyard....lots of stuff fun to drive. Though I have upgraded to '04 Lightning and I have no intentions to sell.....ever  

El Kabong Mk.II El Kabong Mk.II
New User | Posts: 17 | Joined: 01/15
Posted: 06/21/06
01:17 PM

I'll mail you a hacksaw.  You'll have to get your own Mini though.  

I have been asked to modify my sig by a mod, even though it is a direct quote from a poster casually noting that he has told me to "go die."  I modified it because I'm much classier than the guy who said it, though I remain baffled as to how low the bar has been set for standards of behaviour in this place.

ViperGTX ViperGTX
New User | Posts: 8 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 03/14/07
09:04 PM

My first and current truck is a 1998 GMC Sonoma. 2.2L 5-speed....slow but fun. Power steering pump is currently ready to blow (anytime now...), but other than that its been good to me.  
[image] [/image]

thekoof thekoof
Enthusiast | Posts: 312 | Joined: 05/07
Posted: 05/01/07
07:21 PM

First truck I ever drove was a '97 Dodge Dakota V6 4x4. Was my dad's old truck.

I learned to drive stick on a '98 Dodge Ram 3500 V10 dump truck. Never stalled it, ground gears or anything which I am quite proud of.

I'd like a older Dodge Ram Cummins 4x4 5-speed myself. What I want the most is a Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax/Allison 4x4 extended cab though with either the LB7 or LLY Duramax.  

User | Posts: 204 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 05/01/07
08:49 PM

I would really like a 1996 Toyota Tacoma single cab 4x4, V6, 5-spd manual.  That would be awesome.  

Kuurslight Kuurslight
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 08/07
Posted: 08/27/07
07:46 PM

1972 International pickup. 304 and 3 on the tree.  

New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 09/07
Posted: 12/24/07
09:41 AM

My first truck was a 1985 Cheverolet 3/4 ton 2 wheel drive single cab. It was gray and fading in color. I traded a 4 wheeler for the truck when i got my license. I loved that truck  

DragonFox DragonFox
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 12/07
Posted: 12/24/07
07:36 PM

My first Truck was UNFORTUNATLEY my second vehicle.  A marone 1991 Chevrolet S.10. Reg Cab, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, 4 Speed Auto, RWD.

***First vehicle, 84 Sentra.  Damn little car never quit no matter what.***

Anyhew, that truck had Gremlins.  The motor and tranny would never quit, but everything else would.  It also had this annoying habbit of the roll down windows falling off their track and falling into the door.  I had to get rid of my sentra for long distance driving when I went to D.B.C.C. almost 30 miles freeway from my home.  Miss the little car, never really cared for the S.10 though.  BUT IT WAS A SOLID CHASSIE!  That little truck felt more solid them my 05 F.150.  

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